Finalists of the fifth scouting of technology solutions for Retail Innovation Tech Alliance

Finalists of the fifth scouting of technology solutions for Retail Innovation Tech Alliance

This time, technological solutions from Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland were invited to participate. Companies at the stage of a finished product or MVP, whose solutions are aimed at improving the processes associated with offline and online retail, could apply, including:

- solutions to improve customer experience (personalization tools, speech analytics, gamification, new advertising and sales channels, collecting feedback, etc.);

- solutions to improve the efficiency of offline stores (control of the availability and location of goods on the shelves, control of price tags, self-service solutions, store space management, cleaning robots, equipment for issuing online orders, VR / AR, etc.);

- solutions to improve the efficiency of online stores and delivery (solutions for express delivery, tools for tracking customer behavior, visual search, equipment for quick collection of orders, etc.);

- solutions for organizing warehouses and storage (equipment for moving and loading, automation of inventory management, predictive analytics, improving safety, quality control of fruits and vegetables, etc.)

- as well as solutions in the field of HR, Fintech, Media and other areas used in retail.

In total, 97 companies from 16 countries took part in the fifth selection. RITA partner experts selected 15 companies, each of them received an invitation to deal flow session # 5, which will take place on April 29:

  • Seeketing - Omnichannel solution, capable of optimizing marketing campaigns both online and offline.

  • Formulate - Solution for evaluating, predicting and planning retail promotions.

  • Lendismart - –°onnects in real time merchants with a network of lenders to provide their customers with the best fit payment facilities.

  • InovRetail - AI on digital devices to boost sales performance and increase in-store productivity.

  • Eyeware - Offers solutions for using eye tracking information in real-world interactions, allowing to observe what customers are naturally drawn to at the shelf. 

  • Gonnado - Platform to manage digital marketing for retailers.

  • Relevance One - –°loud-based platform that helps retail industries to manage customer behavior.

  • Animatico - AI characters for a new customer experience with in-house displays and kiosks in visitor management & retail.

  • Crobox - Helps online retailers achieve more relevant communication. 

  • Northfork - Online personal assistant for groceries, integrated with retailers. 

  • Shelf.AI - Shopping platform based on conversational intelligence and voice. 

  • Syndy - The world’s most-preferred product data exchange platform.

  • Prismade - Provides a solution that opens up digital rewards and extras for customers to get them more engaged and lead them back to the physical shop.

  • Syntho - AI software for generating synthetic data. 

  • My Telescope - Measure campaign and brand impact.

Based on the results of the deal flow session, experts from X5, Beeline, M.Video-Eldorado Group and Hoff will choose solutions with which individual meetings will be scheduled to work on the launch of pilot projects.

We wish all finalists excellent pitches and successful cooperation with the alliance partners!

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