Finalists of the fourth scouting of technology solutions for Retail Innovation Tech Alliance

Finalists of the fourth scouting of technology solutions for Retail Innovation Tech Alliance

This time, the focus of the search was on technology projects from Israel, with Axis Innovation as a scouting partner. According to the Future of Retail-Tech Emerging Landscape in Israel 2020 report, there are currently about 460 retail-tech startups in Israel, mainly in the fields of AI, machine learning, computer vision, robotics, IoT and big data. The high level of innovative solutions in the region, as expected, attracted the potential interest of the alliance partners.

In today's global pandemic, success in the retail and consumer goods markets is achieved by those players who quickly adapt and effectively apply innovative technological solutions, including by engaging third-party developers. For almost a year of its existence, RITA has proven itself as an effective solution not only for finding suitable technologies, but also for mutual exchange of accumulated experience in the field of corporate innovation and cooperation with startups.

A total of 125 companies from Israel took part in the fourth selection.

RITA partner experts selected 15 companies that received an invitation to deal flow session # 4, which will be held on March 4:=

  • Arpalus - Helps in optimizing in-store operations using real-time computer-vision.
  • BrandTotal - Real time competitive intelligence platform in social media.
  • CallVU - Solution for turning every customer interaction into a fully visual, digital engagement.
  • CB4 - Predictive Sales Analytics.
  • Dialogue - AI e-commerce personalization platform for creation messages.
  • Enerjoy - AI gamification platform for call center motivation and performance.
  • Glassbox - Enterprise Analytics Platform.
  • Hexa - Solution for converting imagery and product information into immersive content.
  • IntraPosition - High accuracy indoor-positioning solution.
  • Namogoo - Technology solution to prevent customer journey hijacking.
  • Oriient - Scalable Indoor GPS.
  • Paygilant - Frictionless Mobile Banking and Payment Fraud Prevention.
  • Quicklizard - Dynamic pricing platform for e-commerce and omnichannel retailers.
  • Spectalix – Mobile solution to separate people from their background in a live video recording and then place them in different video scenes.
  • Tangiblee - eCommerce visualization platform for making online shopping more immersive and tactile.

At the deal flow session, the finalists will have the opportunity to present their technological solutions to the experts of all four RITA partners. Based on the results of the presentations, the experts will select those teams that will be invited to individual meetings with representatives of partner corporations, will be able to finalize the MVP and launch pilot projects jointly with corporations!

We wish all the finalists good luck and successful presentations!

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