Retail Innovation Tech Alliance summed up the second selection of startups

Retail Innovation Tech Alliance summed up the second selection of startups

Scouting was conducted by Lafayette Plug and Play behind closed doors. A total of 102 companies from 19 countries took part in the selection. The largest number of companies are from the USA (28 applications), France (19 applications), the UK (16 applications), Germany (12 applications) and Israel (6 applications). Other countries received 21 applications (from South America and North America, Eastern Europe and Asia).

Companies in 11 areas of application took part in the selection. The largest number of companies develop solutions in the field of Warehousing - 20 teams (solutions to improve the efficiency of storing goods), Offline Stores - 14 teams (improving the efficiency of business processes performed by store staff: from working with goods to managing people and equipment) and Customer - 12 teams (improving customer experience: from planning a purchase to collecting feedback after visiting a store). Other applications (Online store & delivery, Back Office, AdTech / MarTech, Supply Chain, Special Technology, Transport, FinTech, Media / TV) accounted for 56 applications.

Based on the scouting results, 15 companies received the highest rating (after the evaluation by the partners' experts) and were selected to participate in deal flow session #2:

  • Bambuser (Sweden) makes shopping easy using mobile live video.
  • Cronogard (Italy) is an innovative product designed to significantly extend the shelf-life of packaged food by reducing the formation of biofilm on packaging surfaces.
  • doks.innovation (Germany) develops smart sensor technology, AI solutions as well as stock-taking solutions with drones for logistics use cases.
  • Dotaki (France) improves e-retailers conversion rates typically by 30% by adapting content, text, pictures and UX, to each online visitor's psychological traits.
  • Fabric (Israel) is a company that builds a supply-chain allowing retailers to offer sustainable delivery service to their online customers.
  • Mishipay (the United Kingdom) is a mobile self-checkout solution that brings the best of the online checkout experience to physical retail stores.
  • Narvar     (Germany) is a customer experience platform that helps retailers inspire long-term customer loyalty, at all steps in the Customer Journey from visiting the PDP via Checkout, Delivery and Returns.
  • Ownest (France) is the Blockchain solution bringing 100% traceability through proof of Ownership across any supply chain
  • parcelLab (Germany) creates engaging after-sales customer experiences and communications
  • RetailNext (United States) enables retailers and manufacturers to collect, analyze, and visualize data about in-store customer engagement.
  • Persado (United States) generate content in a dramatically new way to unlock the power of words and emotionally engage consumers, one by one, moment by moment at scale.
  • ShareGroop (France) provides group payment solutions to help merchants sell more on e-commerce websites, with products like online giftcard, money pot or split payment for example.
  • TwicPics (France) boosts website engagement and conversion through web image optimization, a real-time SaaS solution.
  • Unaliyi     (United Kingdom) social selling for your e-commerce.
  • YOOBIC (France) is the digital platform that helps retailers optimize their stores, operations, and teams to deliver an irresistible shopping experience that ultimately drives conversion and increases revenue.

Congratulations to all the finalists!

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